Working with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and private organizations, SCC has always gone beyond conventional consulting in delivering impactful solutions and developing innovative approaches according to each client’s specific IT needs. Whether the goal is to increase productivity, improve collaboration, or provide transparency for customers, our team — specialized in finance, healthcare, government, and other data-critical domains — has delivered results from our inception in 2020. This past year was perhaps our most successful yet, both for SCC and our clients. We saw success not just with growth in our numbers but also in the way we’ve expanded our expertise and services to provide unparalleled value to our clients, from consulting to implementation and support throughout the IT lifecycle. So, as we move into 2024, let’s take a quick look back at the top five milestones of 2023 and how they will bring added value to SCC services — and enhance the SCC client experience — in the coming year.

1. More Hands on Deck, More Opportunities to Explore

Over the past year, the SCC family has welcomed many new members, all with diverse backgrounds, skills, talents, and perspectives. Starting with a modest team of five consultants, we have evolved into a formidable force in IT management consulting, now comprising 21 dedicated professionals.

What started as a focused consultancy has transformed into a versatile entity capable of addressing the diverse and evolving needs of clients. On each project, our consultants take a holistic approach in helping the client optimize its operations. By meticulously considering an organization’s many technological and business-related needs, SCC tailors solutions that deliver a lasting impact, ensuring clients’ ability to adapt to the ever-changing world of IT.

With new professionals joining SCC in 2023, we have been able to add depth to our knowledge base and diversify our service offerings, ensuring a comprehensive and adaptive approach to IT management. Now more than ever, our team’s collective knowledge and experience enable us to address a broad spectrum of clients with innovative solutions that are precisely tailored to their needs.

2. Project Prowess: From Local Governments to Fortune 500

With more people on the SCC team, we have witnessed success on a wide range of projects, both large and small. In collaborating with local governments, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, and other bodies, we routinely demonstrate our ability to navigate challenging IT landscapes while delivering high-impact solutions. Our versatility has extended beyond these sectors to reach into private markets, resulting in an expansion of our services that includes business IT development and process improvement.

One of our standout projects in 2023 involved assisting a Fortune 500 financial services corporation in securing its data through FTP remediation and migration to a next-generation platform. Facing cybersecurity challenges related to unencrypted FTP files, the client sought SCC’s expertise in developing a strategy that would urgently address the vulnerability of sensitive data to potential breaches.

Leveraging our past success, we assembled a skilled team, identified stakeholders, and meticulously planned the migration of over 500 IPs and 50,000 jobs to a secure platform. Our systematic approach resulted in collecting 90% of the required data within the first six months, strengthening the client’s controls for external FTPs, establishing a prohibition on FTPs in the new data center architecture, and providing ongoing work on internal FTPs.

By acting as an extension of the client’s team, SCC significantly reduced the client’s workload, enhancing business agility, data integrity, and IT resource optimization. This project showcased not only our efficiency and technical expertise but also our ability to plan strategically even in complex and time-sensitive scenarios.

3. Building Valuable Relationships With Value-Added Resellers

At every juncture of a client’s IT journey, we understand the importance of providing tailored resources and assistance. That’s why we have strengthened our relationships with value-added resellers (VARs) to create a truly comprehensive support ecosystem. Each reseller extends our reach, creating a diverse array of tools, technologies, and support services available to the direct benefit of our clients.

As we forge alliances between SCC and VARs, we prioritize quality and specialization. Each VAR brings a specialized set of skills and offerings, ranging from expert consultation and cutting-edge technologies to scalable solutions and proactive cybersecurity measures. Going beyond troubleshooting and issue resolution, we work closely with these VARs to ensure that our clients’ IT infrastructures always perform at their peak. In other words, we bring in every possible person who is especially geared to help clients and ensure their success.

4. Creating Strategic Partnerships to Enhance Clients’ Flexibility

In addition to working closely with VARs, we have also forged strategic partnerships with eight industry leaders in areas including operational management and visibility, digital transformation, cloud migration, and cybersecurity. Creating a collaborative ecosystem that goes beyond conventional consulting, these alliances bring added dimension to SCC offerings and enable greater flexibility in delivering them.

Each partner brings distinct skills and expertise, ensuring that we can tailor solutions that address each client’s multifaceted challenges. Using a collaborative approach to incorporate the latest technologies and strategies into our service offerings, we can adapt quickly to changing client needs and industry trends. In turn, our clients benefit from comprehensive solutions that address not only technical requirements but also the operational and strategic aspects of their businesses.

5. New Certifications and Memberships for Longstanding Commitments

As a minority-owned business, SCC is in tune with the need to bring diverse perspectives to every project, providing every client with truly strategic and holistic solutions. That’s why we have achieved a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certification, bestowed by the Supplier Diversity Office (SDO).

This certification has opened several pathways by which SCC can ensure our clients’ success. Access to a network of more than 15,000 other MBEs opens up opportunities for even more strategic partnerships, thereby enhancing our ability to discover best-fit support options on our clients’ behalf. The program’s capacity-building initiatives also ensure that our leadership team can guarantee a sustainable trajectory for SCC and our clients.

To continue this momentum, SCC has joined the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, a proactive step toward shaping success for us and our clients. For instance, as part of the Chamber, we’ve gained access to over 100 networking events each year, a powerful resource for advancing business priorities and staying informed about industry trends. The chamber’s exclusive partnerships with academic institutions will also enable SCC to contribute directly to the next generation of IT consultants through learning and development programs.

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As we conclude this review of our 2023 journey, we invite you to join us on the road ahead. From our strength in numbers — whether that’s our team members, VARs, or partners — to our vast project portfolio and growing list of memberships, SCC is prepared to take on any of your unique challenges with distinctive long-term solutions.

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